Postdoc position: Marine heatwaves (MHW) in high latitude coastal marine systems

The Institute of Marine Research in Bergen offers a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship within the research group Oceanography and Climate. The postdoctoral position is funded through the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) and will be connected to the IMR participation in the Climate Futures project. The overall goal of the BCCR is to understand climate for the benefit of society, while the main goal of the Climate Futures project is to develop climate predictions for handling climate risk with innovation areas within smart shipping, sustainable food production, renewable energy and resilient societies.

The focus of the postdoc is on the causes and consequences of marine heatwaves (MHW) in high latitude coastal marine systems. MHWs are short-term temperature increase episodes, and these may have severe impacts on marine life both as extreme events, but also cumulatively as many ecosystem functions are closely related to degree days. Although IPCC has warned that increasing frequency and severity of MHWs attributable to global warming is a worldwide threat to marine ecosystems, studies revealing the involved physical mechanisms of present and future MHWs and their impacts on ecosystems and food production systems are sparse, particularly for high latitude and coastal systems. These systems typically have characteristics that may make them especially vulnerable to future climate change.

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