Climate Futures annual report 2020

Navigating Climate Risk

Published: 08.06.2021

Blue compass

Steady course towards sustainability in Norwegian maritime industries

Climate Futures Contributors (in alphabetical order): Kristine Grimsrud, Øyvind Paasche, Linda Nøstbakken

Download report from Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic (in Norwegian)

Published: 15.02.2021

Climate and climate change

What does it mean for financiers and investments?

Climate Futures Contributors (in alphabetical order): Lars Erik Mangseth, Tore Furevik, Øyvind Paasche.

Download report from Norsif’s website (in Norwegian)


Published: Spring 2021

Estimating weather margin seasonality in shipping using machine learning.

by Joakim Nilsson and Marcus Nilsson

Master thesis in Economics and Business Administration, Business Analytics, Norwegian School of Economics.

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