“Den lille store Utslippsdagen”

A selection of the speakers at “Den Lille Store Utslippsdagen”

What’s the latest news on climate and greenhouse gas emissions? How can we govern according to the climate targets and measure the effect?

On 27. and 28. April, KLP, Climate Futures, CICERO, Norwegian Environment Agency and Statistics Norway together organize the event “Den Lille Store Utslippsdagen” Here, you’ll hear from about the latest in climate research and what the status is for the Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions are and the road towards 2030.

The event will take place online at 10-11:45 both days, and the event will be in Norwegian.

The topics for the two days

27. April: Emissions, climate risk and the latest research updates on the research front
28. April: What happens in practice? – Examples from private industry

More information, detailed program and the live stream can be found here.