Month: October 2021

Our Partner: Western Bulk

Western Bulk is one of Climate Futures’ partners in the Smart Shipping node. We talked with Egil Husby, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Western Bulk, to learn more about the company and what they hope to get out of the cooperation with Climate Futures.  About Western Bulk  In short, Western Bulk transports commodities at …

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5 Questions with Ole Wulff

“5 questions” is a series that gives you as a reader some insight into the people in and around Climate Futures. In this edition, we are joined by Ole Wulff who recently started as a postdoc.  Could  you  tell  us  a bit  about  your  background?  I would broadly describe myself as a climate physicist by …

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How do we create forecasts?

The commonly used forecast typically predicts the weather from today up to 10 days ahead. This is the forecast you see on the news or check on before you head out the door. In the context of climate change, on the other hand, one usually work with periods of a hundred years and compare …

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