Renewable Energy

Photo: Sanket Kumbhar on Unsplash

In the Renewable Energy node, the goal is to implement improved and more localised climate predictions for relevant decision-making processes related to the sector. The renewable energy sector is represented in the node through Agder Energi, Eviny and Statkraft. Currently, our main focus is on hydropower, with a secondary focus on wind power and solar energy. All three sectoral partners produce hydropower. Statkraft additionally produces wind and solar energy, and Eviny is expanding their infrastructure within power grids.

Skilful forecasts are needed to better plan energy production and infrastructure. For example, skilful precipitation and drought predictions beyond the next few days can improve production planning for hydropower production. Similarly, models that provide realistic, long-term scenarios that take low-frequency decadal climate variability into account can be used to make knowledge-based infrastructure investments. Both the wind- and solar power sectors require long-term climate projections to explore optimal locations for new installations as well as seasonal forecasts in order to plan maintenance during periods of low production.