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Faglig seminar

20 september 2022 @ 10:00 - 11:00

Introduksjon av nye medlemmer: Trine Thanh Ha (Gartnerhallen), Constantin Jansen (Graminor)

Gjesteseminar: Karianne de Bruin

Tittel: Physical climate risk and the financial sector – aiming for a level-playing field

Abstract: Regulators, investors and lenders are increasingly aware of the possible implications of physical risks across different parts of the financial system, but they are also searching for practical, analytical approaches to guide their decision-making. However, there is still little understanding of how these risks can be assessed, and therefore reported, managed and, ultimately, reduced. In this presentation, I will highlight the work done on developing a Dutch approach on assessing physical climate risk for buildings, and on bridging the gap between useful climate services and usable climate services for the financial sector through the EU REACHOUT project. At Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) we provide products and services to anticipate the impacts of climate change. CAS aims to make scientific information accessible, understandable, and applicable for a wider audience, using a variety of communication and visualization tools. The guiding principle is ‘keep it simple’: focus on the information that the local official, water expert, adviser or other professional can work with.


20 september 2022
10:00 - 11:00